Community cookout everyone welcome


Cookout April 23, 2016     12-4

Everyone welcome for food and games !!!!

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Church Homecoming


It’s that time of year again, time to come home to The Evening Light Gospel Tabernacle at 200 20th St. SE for our Church Homecoming. We will have all the great food you can eat and wonderful gospel music to fill your soul. Whether you came there 30 years ago or this will be your first time, you will be treated like family and welcomed with open arms.

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The bell is silent no more

   Back in the forties, it was common for churches to have a bell that was rung as a way to summon everyone inside for the church service and our church was no different. For many years, our bell was rung…until one day it went silent. No one knew what happened: some said it messed up or was broken, but nobody knew for sure. Thirty-plus years passed with no sounds coming from our belfry until a few weeks ago, when Eddie Taylor and Jamie Thurman decided to check it out and attempted to get it to ring again. The bell was in rough shape. Our bell was made by C.S. Bell & Co. in 1886, so needless to say, it has had a long life. After realizing the bell needed some “tender loving care,” some church members came to the rescue. Anthony, Julie, and Gracie Collins took it upon themselves to bring our bell back to life. They removed the bell and cleaned away years of grime and dirt, even having a small crack welded before returning it back to the belfry for all to enjoy. Thank you, Collins family, you are a blessing to all.

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God Is Good!!!

God is good; our church is continuing to grow and be blessed. Recently, with help from our church family, we were able to fix a long-time problem that prevented some from accessing our fellowship hall easily. With a new door and ramp, the problem has been solved and everybody can enjoyed all the wonderful food with ease. Thank you to all that had a part in it! God truly blesses. 


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Work in progress

Our web site will be up and running shortly please check back in a few days



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